I was just watching Okasian’s video for ‘Spread the Word’ when I saw Play$tar in the background at 0:57. (He actually was in the whole damn video. Lol.)

if Topp Dogg members had Tumblr

  • Jenissi: Porn gifs and bible quotes, a lot of drunken late night posts
  • P-Goon: Fitness blog, healthy recipes and work out techniques, a shirtless pic every now and then to show his ‘progress’
  • Seogoong: Food, junk food, healthy food, foreign food, food gifs, etc
  • Gohn: American pop stars, posts his own covers every now and then
  • Hojoon: joins various fandom a from Harry potter to divergent, gaining fame through his ‘asian Harry Potter’ cosplay
  • Kidoh: Under ground rappers, 80’s rap legends, his own lyrics sometimes and ‘always true to the roots’ as his cover
  • Sangdo: Eric Benet, Jazz legends and various music posts
  • Nakta: posts once every two years to show he’s alive
  • Hansol: kawaii pixels, cute food and milk cartons, transparent images of anime characters esp Pokemon
  • Bjoo: soft grunge blog with lots of posts tagged hair inspiration
  • Xero: mostly his selcas and dance covers, answering fan mail like 98% of the time
  • A-Tom: Porn gifs, female stars, weed pics, girls, girls in bikinis, girl groups
  • Yano: Blogs about the girl he likes, love quotes, hardcore hip hop as background music, teen angst posts, sun glasses


Connor Walsh:






says every ToppKlass while watching ToppDogg’s new comeback #Annie teaser (via so-goong)